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123 Extra Partner - IR35 Defence Pack

Friday 28th June 2013

HMRC have now set up four new specialist teams solely tasked with status enquiries. With around 12 inspectors in each team they have the potential to undertake over 1,200 enquiries per year.  We are therefore likely to see an increase in the number of IR35 enquiries being undertaken.

In HMRC’s opening enquiry letters they will ask whether IR35 has been considered and if so, why the contractor feels that IR35 doesn’t apply.  The new Qdos IR35 Defence Pack will assist in presenting such information to HMRC to give you the best possible chance of a successful defence.

Qdos will undertake a detailed review of your written contract, your actual working practices and HMRC’s Business Entity Test. They will ask you to verify your working practices with your end client and put in place a signed Confirmation of Arrangements Letter. Once they are comfortable of your status, they will issue a certificate confirming their opinion regarding your status. All of this information will be put together as a dossier of information, which can be presented to HMRC at the outset of an IR35 enquiry.

IR35 Defence Pack includes: 

  • A detailed review of your written contract(s) (up to 3), with suggested amendments if necessary
  • Comprehensive review of working practices, (which can be conducted over the telephone with one of the Qdos experienced IR35 experts if required)
  • Review of business entity test, with suggestions on how to increase score
  • Discount code to use on IR35/tax insurance policies
  • If reviews are successful, either first time or following amendments, Qdos will compile a certificate confirming their opinion of your 'outside of IR35' status.
  • They will put together a Confirmation of Arrangements Letter, for submission to your end client to sign, based on your responses to the working practices questionnaire
  • Qdos will liaise with the agency/end user if required

Qdos have handled over 1,300 IR35 enquiries on behalf of contractors and are recognised as one of the UK’s leading authorities on status issues.

This pack can provide up to three contract reviews. Additional contracts can be added on an on-going basis, for a one off fee of £30+VAT for each additional contract. However if you currently hold insurance with Qdos additional contracts will be reviewed and added to the pack at no extra charge.

The aim of this product is to expedite a potential IR35 enquiry, however Qdos can make no guarantees of this or that having their pack in place would result in a successful outcome to a status challenge by HMRC.

For more information please follow this link .


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