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Refer Friends & Colleagues

If you have joined The 123 Way:

For every friend or colleague that joins The 123 Way on your referral we will give you £123.00 off your membership fee. Get seven friends or colleagues to join The 123 Way and your membership is completely FREE and we will actually be paying you. It's as simple as 123 to save £123.00.

If you are not a 123 Contracting Client:

We have a 123 Partners programme where we will pay you £123.00 for every friend or colleague that joins The 123 Way because of your referral. Start referring today to receive £123.00 for each referral.

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Refer Friends & Colleagues - Terms and Conditions

By entering a person's contact information, you warrant that you are permitted to provide the person's data to us. Allowing us to process this information. You also confirm that you have told them who we are and what we will use their data for. They will have the opportunity to request the removal of their personal information from our database by emailing with details of what they would like to unsubscribe from.

You will be named as the person who has made the introduction in our communication with the introduced person.

By introducing your candidates to 123 Contracting you could be entitled to a variety of different incentives and preferential service levels for you and your candidates.