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Business Banking

Bank accounts

Many firms of accountants will advise you to choose one particular bank, Carter Allen for example, and they will say they can set-up the account for you. The number one reason why they do this is because that bank is paying them a commission in the form of a percentage of how much you pay into the bank during a year.

This does not cost you anything but the bank may not give you the best interest rates, it may not give the best service and yet they still recommend it.

We do not do this. We advise our clients to look at the different high street banks and compare their offers. The vast majority of the time they are very similar and there is little to choose between them.

We then advise that if you are happy with the service that your current personal bank provides and if their business bank account offer is the same or similar to all other banks on the high street then this is the obvious choice.

Service that you know is good is the most important element in choosing a business bank account.

If however you are not happy with your personal bank then we are happy to talk you through our experiences with each of the main banks so you can make an informed decision.

Business finance

We have working relationships with a number of banks with regards to financing. If you need to secure a loan for your business, maybe you are looking to expand, take on staff, rent a small office - we can draw up a detailed business plan to support your application.

For both of the above services, please call us on 0845 834 0269 or email us at