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Contractor Mortgages

As a contractor it can be tough to secure a mortgage because many of the High Street lenders simply don’t understand your unique working status. Our specialist mortgage brokers understand the needs of contractors and have a proven track record in finding and securing competitive and suitable mortgages for your needs. Their experience and in-depth knowledge of the market has enabled them to build strong relationships with lenders, ensuring that your mortgage is processed quickly and with minimum fuss.

Our mortgage brokers have also negotiated specific income criteria with lenders. This may enable you to borrow based on an annualised multiple of your contract rate alone. Thanks to their experience in the field, they have been able to secure special terms for our clients that allow you to gain mortgages with little deposit and their selective lender criteria mean that the whole process is much quicker with most mortgages agreed within days of your first contact.

To speak to our mortgage brokers, please email or call Chris on 0845 834 0269.

Unlike many brokers, our specialists will not charge you for their services as they rely solely on an introducer’s fee from which ever lender you decide upon. In line with FCA regulation, you will have the option of paying a fee of 0.6% of the loan and they will refund you any commissions earned.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

Financial advice is given by a firm of IFAs, which is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We advise all clients to contact at least two independent mortgage advisers so they get the best possible advice for their specific needs.