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Graphic Designers

With more and more businesses outsourcing their media and creative needs, there has never been a better time to become a freelance graphic designer in the UK.

The media and creative industry is one of the key industries that have embraced contracting over the last 20 years. Businesses looking to downsize, streamline or save on expenses often look to outsource their media and creative requirements rather than taking on the added expense of hiring permanent employees.

As a contractor in the UK you have fantastic opportunities to secure regular contracts with many different companies at the same time. You can choose your working hours and often where you want to work from, you don't have to be part of the office politics, and you can earn more than twice, three times or even four times as much as an employed professional doing the same job.

Average rates of pay for a contractor in the media and creative market vary widely due to the range of work available, and depending on your experience, location and speciality. Contracting in the media and creative industries is great fun and being a very buoyant industry, there are plenty of opportunities to secure your first contract.

With strong rates of pay, a growing industry and the freedom of being a contractor, the reasons to become a contractor keep growing and growing.

If you're new to contracting, check out our First Time Contracting page.

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