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The salary you pay to yourself is an allowable expense, this includes any tax and National Insurance Contributions.

For more detail on setting your level of salary - take a look at the Salary page.

Salaries to a Company Secretary / Partner

With the abolishment of the rule that you had to have a company secretary coming into force with the Companies Act 2006, there is little point in having one. Directors used to employ their partners as the company secretary as a way of extracting a tax free salary for them equivalent to the tax and NIC free allowance. HMRC has cracked down on this and it would be very hard to justify.

To keep things simple and as The 123 Way includes many of your company secretarial duties, we advice not to have one.

If you did wish to appoint a company secretary then the going rate is around £120 per year - this would be the Company Secretary’s salary. (not much point).


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