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Umbrella Companies

An umbrella company is like a middle man, it is an organisation that employs freelance contractors and then each contractor goes and works for their end clients.

For example:

  • You are a contractor and get a contract through a recruitment agency with lets say the BBC.
  • You are advised by the recruitment agency to use an umbrella company as the means of getting paid (the recruitment agency advises this because they get a healthy commission from the umbrella company - remember the recruitment agency is a recruitment agency and not a firm of tax advisers, they can not give you the whole picture).
  • You start your contract working at the BBC and send your working hours (time sheet) to the umbrella company.
  • The umbrella company bills the BBC and then deducts tax and National Insurance, keeps their middle man fee and gives you the remaining amount.
  • You take home in the region of 60-65% of the contract value.

This is not a tax efficient system.

So why do some freelance contractors use umbrella companies?

If you are planning on contracting for less than 3 or 4 months then it makes little sense forming a limited company and contracting through it.

If however you are planning on contracting for more than 4 months it makes little sense to use an umbrella company.

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