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Switching Accountants

If you currently have an accountant or tax adviser but you're not happy with the advice or the service you're receiving, then switching to The 123 Way couldn't be easier. The process is simple:

1. You fill out our Join The 123 Way form

2. We will contact your previous advisers and get copies of your records from them

3. We will set you up as our client with HMRC and provide you with your personal pages of our Client Area.

You can sit back and relax, it really is as simple as 123.

Why is it so simple? There is a standard code of practice in the accountancy profession when a client wishes to switch accountants. All firms operate in this way making it easy for you to switch and get the best possible service for your money.

If you wish to discuss any of the details then please do call us, otherwise you're only 5 minutes away from becoming a 123 Contracting client.

The 123 Way - designed specifically for freelance contractors includes:

- Full initial business review - what is best for you!

- Your accountant, speak to the same person every time

- Full switching service - you barely have to lift a finger

- Company and personal tax planning

- Year end accounts, Corporation Tax return & computations

- Monthly payroll and all annual payroll returns

- Dividend administration

- Dealing with HMRC & Companies House compliance

- Completion of VAT returns each quarter

- Completion of Annual Return

- Free bookkeeping software, incredibly simple to use OR we can do your bookkeeping for you

- Ongoing help from us & access to our specialist IFAs

- No sign up fees, no contract and no tie-ins - 100% service!

Fill out the Join The 123 Way form to switch to 123 Contracting.