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We have developed The 123 Way, which is our all encompassing accountancy and taxation service, to be as efficient as possible. It will only take you 20 minutes each month to manage and we take care of everything else.
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Eliminate stress
No need to remember any filing dates, no need to worry about what the best option is for you - we take care of it for you starting with a full review of your personal tax planning and your goals as a freelance contractor.
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Less paperwork
Paperwork is boring - our business is completely paperless, apart from a couple of online forms to fill out we take care of the rest. All returns are filed online and any time you receive a letter from HMRC simply scan it and email it to us.
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Contractor’s can beat off the challenges presented by the property market 14/07/2014 contractors-can-beat-off-the-challenges-presented-by-the-property-market Daily headlines are suggestive of an imminent interest rate rise to ease the accelerating housing market, and to also calm down the fear that the UK economy “could be more vulnerable to income and interest rate shocks” as more households increase their level of debt. Find out more...
Higher rate taxpayers could be missing out on £225 million in tax relief 14/07/2014 higher-rate-taxpayers-could-be-missing-out-on-pounds225-million-in-tax-relief You could be one of the UK’s higher-rate tax payers missing out on £225 million in tax relief each year by not paying in to a pension. The insurer Prudential recently surveyed 302 higher-rate tax payers and found that 1 in 10 make no contribution to a pension. Rolling this figure out nationwide at least 90,000 higher rate taxpayers could be paying nothing into a pension, this equates to missing out on £2,510 in tax relief a year. Find out more...

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